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Weź udział w bezpłatnych webinariach AEC i MFG

Webinaria z tematyki Dynamo for Revit, MagiCAD, Fusion 360 i inne.

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What’s new Inventor 2025

Autodesk Inventor 2025 introduces a series of new features that improve key areas of engineering work, from modelling to documentation. The new version includes enhancements to sheet metal and assembly modelling, offering more intuitive tools and workflows, resulting in more efficient workflows. Interoperability enhancements make it easier to exchange data with other CAD and BIM software, promoting better collaboration within project teams.

Improvements in the user interface and programme performance reduce the time required for routine operations, allowing engineers to focus on innovative aspects of projects. In addition, we have made significant enhancements to the documentation system, including advanced dimensioning options and annotation tools that improve the legibility and precision of engineering drawings.

Increased interoperability with external applications facilitates the exchange of data between different design platforms, supporting uniformity of information throughout the product lifecycle. These changes are key to both individual efficiency and the smooth functioning of design teams.

Autodesk Inventor 2025 provides practical solutions, addressing real-world challenges faced by engineers and designers. The enhancements are focused on maximising productivity, which is particularly important given the increasing complexity of projects and industry requirements.

The changes also include improvements to annotation and documentation tools, enabling more efficient project management and team communication. These improvements allow for a smoother transition from design concept to implementation, minimising the potential for errors and misunderstandings.

Updates in Autodesk Inventor 2025 reflect the growing needs of the engineering industry, providing tools that streamline key design stages from initial concept to production. Improvements in modelling, documentation and collaboration are designed not only to optimise day-to-day work, but also to open up new opportunities for engineers and designers, allowing them to push the boundaries of innovation more easily.