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Inventor BIM – Cross-industry cooperation

Is it possible to use models created in Autodesk Inventor in the BIM process?

There is only one answer to this question – YES.

What is BIM?
The architect, constructor and installer design the building and each of them is responsible for their part, at the same time the entire team is responsible for the coordination of the building being created. BIM – Building Information Model is a technology that is not related to the manufacturer of CAD software. This technology is becoming a standard for creating construction projects and therefore, introduced as a standard in various countries, it is not associated with any producer to maintain the principles of competitiveness. Design teams: architects, builders and installers model a digital building.


BIM Exchange publishes design data for IPT part files:

Publishing projects in the IFC format for the construction industry.

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format provides an open standard for the exchange of model information between the manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction sectors. In addition to being able to save to the Revit family format, the Autodesk Inventor environment also introduces the IFC format as an export option, making it easier to implement 3D mechanical designs for buildings and structures.

The entire process of publishing to BIM is practically a few clicks.

At the beginning, however, you should simplify the model, i.e. eliminate unnecessary components from the join with the available tools included in the modeling environment. The next step is to define possible joints that will determine the way and place of joining the elements. The connectors will be used in applications such as Revit (formerly Revit MEP) to define associations between pieces of equipment such as a heat exchanger and building systems such as HVAC. Each of the five connector types (cable, wire, duct, electrical, and pipe) has commands to create, edit, and delete them. The exported file contains geometry, 2D views, connectors, parameters, and other necessary properties.