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Weź udział w bezpłatnych webinariach AEC i MFG

Webinaria z tematyki Dynamo for Revit, MagiCAD, Fusion 360 i inne.

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Inventor 2024

Inventor 2024 is the latest version of mechanical design software that introduces many new features and improvements. From now on, users have the ability to add custom elbows to pipes and tubes, as well as define edge symbols according to ISO 13715:2019. In addition, in this version of the program, integration with Fusion 360 has been improved, making collaboration with teams easier and enabling cloud-based design. With new tools in iLogic, Inventor 2024 allows for automation of working with files in the Vault system, as well as sending parts of Inventor projects to Fusion 360 for manual inspection tasks.

Inventor 2024 has also introduced many improvements related to support for working in the cloud. With the new Export to the Cloud feature, users can now directly export 3D models to the cloud and collaborate with teams in real time. In addition, support for online work has been integrated into the Autodesk Drive application, which allows you to easily and quickly share design files between teams. Inventor 2024 also adds new features related to design automation, such as the ability to define custom edge symbols, allowing users even more flexibility and customization of the software.