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Woodwork for Inventor is a program that automates the design process from creating a furniture frame, through giving it furniture fittings and materials, to preparation of production. It also allows you to generate bills of materials and drawings containing all the necessary information for people involved in production and assembly.

The furniture design process in Woodwork for Inventor can be graphically represented in this way:

Parametric model Framework Furniture design

However, creating a furniture structure is also available in other programs. Today, however, designers mainly care about the possibility of creating furniture fittings libraries, automatic generation of drawings, and material lists with all data from the project.

Due to the fact that the furniture industry is characterized by high repeatability, the program has special libraries of ready-made furniture fittings, but also a separate project in which you can create fittings according to your company’s requirements. The key to creating fittings is knowing how to make smart parts as most fittings require variety due to size.

The program has an extensive library of materials used in the furniture industry. The assigned material properties not only give a nice visualization of the product but also the production data that the program generates in the BOM. You can overwrite materials, and create material designations.





Fittings have defined iMates, so you only need to define the planes in which you want them to be.






When designing an exemplary handle, we determine, among others spacing and size of bolts, and when we insert it into the assembly, we generate holes based on the inserted part.



After the project is completed, we generate a bill of materials (BOM) that contains information about each project element. In particular, it gives information about the panels, their dimensions, and materials. It divides materials into those given in m3, m2, m, and elements counted in pieces. It also sums up all materials and components, thus controlling the cost of the product at the design stage.

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