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As an engineer or designer, you certainly know how much effort goes into creating a unique model. A model that will not only satisfy the investor but, above all, will encourage the consumer to buy.

You try once… Nothing. Second time… Nothing again.

Hours wasted at the computer and no effect? What if there was software that would carry out all stress, strain and load analyzes for you? Impossible? Meet Nastran Inventor from Autodesk and see that your work can be light, easy and fun!

Finite element method. What is that?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows you to conduct virtual experiments. They will allow you to check whether the project you create meets the relevant norms and standards.

It is an advanced method of solving boundary problems for which – due to the complexity of the structure – it is not possible to carry out analytical calculations.

What benefits does FEA guarantee in practice?

  • you will find cheaper materials or optimal dimensions and shapes of the created item,
  • you will assess whether the designed model will withstand the loads generated during use and transport,
  • you will save the investor’s time and money by creating accurate computer models, without the need to make a prototype version,
  • you will perform tests on elements that would normally require access to a large space (e.g. wind turbines, elements of aircraft or ships).

Who is Inventor Nastran designed for?

Inventor Nastran software will work wherever there is a need to create a complex model of a machine or simulate a specific kinematic or thermal phenomenon.

FEA type software is an extensive software that gives many possibilities. Its creators know perfectly well that Inventor Nastran is primarily used by practitioners who care about the simplicity and accessibility of the application. The program interface is designed with them in mind.

Choose Autodesk software if you are:

  • an innovative constructor – you are responsible for the implementation of the project,
  • an ingenious designer – you test new technological solutions,
  • an ambitious civil engineer – in your work you encounter the requirements of land or water construction on a daily basis,
  • a brilliant mechanical engineer – you are responsible for designing machines and devices.
Explore all the features of Inventor Nastran!

What does the Inventor Nastran interface look like?

The user interface appearance in Inventor Nastran program looks very similar to other CAD software programs that you have had the opportunity to use in your work. The workspace takes up the most space. This is where you see the visualization of the currently tested element.

On the left side, you will find a “tree” where you can display individual parameters of the solid as well as options that have been enabled for the specific analysis.

At the top of the screen, you will find a horizontal ribbon menu. From there, you can manage the view, enable, disable, and evaluate simulations, as well as configure specific loads.

With just a few clicks, you can configure and modify the mesh and its parameters. The horizontal commands also include typical system commands related to file handling and tutorials.

Contrary to appearances, you don’t need many weeks to learn the basic functions of Inventor Nastran.

Only a few days are sufficient.


See what Inventor Nastran is capable of during a simple strength simulation of a tank.

What analyzes will you perform with Inventor Nastran?

With the help of Inventor Nastran, you can perform a number of analyzes directly in the program without having to resort to other, complicated tools. Each test can be carried out in several variants so that you can test different solutions right away. What possibilities does the latest version of the program offer?

Linear statics

Linear analyzes assume the proportionality of the applied forces to the resulting displacements or stresses to the deformations created in the material. In this way, you can easily calculate the displacements that will occur in the tested element. Based on the results, you will calculate both the stress and effort of the material. In linear analysis, all forces are in equilibrium.

Statics and non-linear dynamics

Non-linear analyzes can be static or dynamic. There are no proportional relationships between the load and material properties (or only in a small range of loads). This function is useful when examining elements with large displacements and changes in boundary conditions during the analysis or contacts between objects as a result of forces.

With Inventor Nastran software, you can determine what analysis to perform to obtain optimal test results. Determine whether the yield strength of the material has been exceeded and decide how you test the system – linearly or non-linearly.

Dynamic analyses

In this model, time and inertia parameters appear, and you can observe what happens to the object depending on the change in their values. In this way, you investigate reaction of an element that has been brought out of equilibrium by external forces and tries to return to it.

Inventor Nastran from version 2021 has the ability to carry out the so-called. explicit analysis. It is a great tool for simulating crash tests, as a result of which you will check the behavior of materials at high strain rates. In this way, you will check how a computer dropped from a height or a speeding car hitting an obstacle will behave.

Thermal analysis

Thermal analyzes are used to determine the temperature and heat fluxes in variable or constant system conditions. In this way, you can determine the temperature fields in a given element, determine the intensity of heat flow and radiation, and even check how a given material will react to temperature.

Fatigue analyses

This is a key feature for all people who design machine elements. As a result of the fatigue analysis, you will calculate how many cycles the structure can withstand under the influence of cyclical or variable loads. You will also check its resistance to vibrations depending on the material from which it was made.

Of course, this is not all Inventor Nastran can do! It is also worth mentioning harmonic analysis, analysis of composites or contact zones. They will allow you to thoroughly examine the property of the material that you need at the moment.

Do you want to convince the investor that your project will work in all conditions? Show how your structure will behave under random dynamic load.

Benefits of using Inventor Nastran

You’re probably wondering why you should choose Inventor Nastran software? Here are a few reasons:

Lowering production costs

Inventor Nastran software is a powerful tool that helps you quickly and accurately perform structural testing and analysis. Using it, you can reduce production costs and correct many errors at the design stage, when the costs of the entire operation are minimal.

Universal problem analysis

Inventor Nastran is a powerful solver that allows you to perform many types of different analyzes. Thanks to it, you can check the operation of linear and non-linear forces and dynamic phenomena such as temperature or drop tests. You no longer have to sit for hours with a calculator in your hand!

Simple operation

The beauty of Nastran software lies in its simplicity. Rich possibilities have been packed in a clear interface. In this way, you can speed up and partially automate your work without having to wander through complicated menu windows. With access to free tutorials, you’ll find all the features you need in no time.

What does the integration of the Nastran environment and CAD software give?

Surely you know the problems associated with converting the same file to the standards imposed by different programs. By integrating the CAD Inventor solid modeler with the advanced FEA solver, you don’t have to worry about a thing. In the same program, you analyze the problem and observe its visualization.

By combining Inventor Nastran with CAD software, you save time and money because you only use one universal tool.

As an experienced engineer or designer, you surely know that the first 20% of your work and commitment yields the best results. The other 80% is wandering blindly and looking for inspiration.

Let Inventor Nastran do 80% of the work for you, and focus on what you do best!