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Inventor Nastran

Inventor Nastran is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. It uses the Nastran computational kernel for the calculations. The program offers, among others linear and non-linear structural analyzes possibility to study dynamic phenomena or heat transfer and to conduct fatigue analyzes. Its great advantage is the possibility of direct integration with CAD software, including Autodesk Inventor. Nastran has a simple and intuitive interface.

Linear static analysis

It is estimated that up to 90% of analyzes performed in the world are linear static analyzes. Their popularity is primarily due to the ease of use and the availability of a linear solver in most commercial CAD programs.

Linear static analyzes allow us to analyze most of the structural problems in terms of the applicability of Hook’s Law (stress proportional to deformation). Unfortunately, linear analysis is overused.

Inventor Nastran will allow us to perform more complex analyzes when the situation requires it.


Nonlinear static analysis

Nonlinear analyzes allow the inclusion in our simulations of phenomena that cannot be effectively analyzed with the help of linear analyzes. There are 3 basic types of non-linearity, i.e. geometric nonlinearity, material nonlinearity and nonlinear contact. The basic assumption of linear analyzes is the principle of small displacements, and when this principle does not apply, we are dealing with geometric nonlinearity. As for the material nonlinearity, we will use it in every case where the displacement response of our element to the excitation will not be linear, i.e. primarily after exceeding the yield point for elastic-plastic materials and in the case of materials that do not show the typical linear range, e.g. materials hyperelastic. Non-linear contact is all kinds of contact issues in which the contact state changes during the analysis, e.g. elements at the beginning of the analysis are not in contact, but as a result of the action of force, one of the elements deforms so much that it comes into contact with the other element .

Dynamic analyzes

Dynamic analyzes allow for the analysis of the system given the excitation in the time domain. Additionally, in dynamic analyzes, the program takes into account inertia forces, which in many cases are critical for the strength of the element.

Fatigue analysis

The fatigue analysis module in Inventor Nastran allows you to study both low and high cycle fatigue phenomena. Every time we know that the element we design will be subjected to cyclic loading, we should check its fatigue life.

Thermal analyzes

Thanks to thermal analysis, we can simulate thermal phenomena both in the linear range
and nonlinear.

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