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Strength calculations, FEM / CFD analyzes

Strength simulations

Based on the finite element method are more and more often a necessary stage in the structure design process. Simulations allow you to predict the behavior of elements in their working environment. This is related to early error detection and the possibility of making modifications to the design before starting production tests.

For strength simulations, we use advanced Autodesk calculation software, such as:

These programs have been appreciated by designers all over the world for years.

On request, we carry out strength, flow and thermal analyzes and simulations.

We also conduct training and consultations in this field. They are conducted by a team of qualified specialists with many years of experience. An individual approach to the customer in the implementation of custom-made projects allows us to establish fruitful and long-term cooperation.

The scope of our simulations includes:
  • strength analyzes in the linear and nonlinear range:
    • static
    • dynamic (collision analysis, drop tests, analysis of the operation of mechanisms in motion)
    • modal
    • thermal stresses
    • analysis of assemblies and contacts
    • buckling
    • fatigue analysis
    • structure analysis
    • determination of velocity, accelerations, and inertia forces acting on individual members of the mechanism


  • CFD analyzes:
    • Flow analysis
    • Thermal analyzes
    • Heat transfer analysis
    • Calculations for heat exchangers
  • Wind load analysis
  • Optimizing analyzes:
    • Design optimization
    • Generative Design



  • Dynamic analyzes:
    • Analysis of the operation of mechanisms in motion
  • Determination of velocity, accelerations, and inertia forces acting on individual parts of the mechanism
  • Analysis of elements made of composites
  • Structural analyzes:
    • Buckling analysis
  • Direct analysis
  • Elasto-plastic analysis
  • Dynamic structure analysis
  • Wind load simulation