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NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise – a new era of collaboration and simulation in architecture, engineering and construction

Easy simulations and express twins, or modern design solo and in teams

Meet NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for creating realistic simulations and digital twins for the architecture, engineering and construction industries. See how to test concepts and their variants quickly and easily so that initial decisions don’t bring unpleasant surprises in the future.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a dynamic and advanced solution that is changing the way we think about visualization and collaboration in 3D space. Developed by NVIDIA, Omniverse has ushered in a new era in design, engineering and content creation, offering practical and efficient ways to collaborate, create and analyze.

Creating Digital Twins and working synchronously on models in real time

NVIDIA Omniverse is perfect for teamwork, the platform redefines the standards for virtual collaboration, enabling simultaneous work on projects in real time, regardless of the location of participants.

With real-time synchronization, project teams can create, analyze and edit 3D models, creating dynamic and coordinated designs.

Omniverse also stands out for its ability to create numerical models of real objects, or so-called “digital twins” in a 3D environment.

This opens up new perspectives for architects, engineers and content creators, enabling precise analysis and experimentation in a virtual environment. Digital twins can be used to run simulations, test or verify various scenarios without interfering with the physical object or system.

Building digital twins is a complicated process. However, Omniverse provides advanced features that make it much easier to create realistic simulations and visualizations.


Integration of many different tools and applications into a single ecosystem

An indispensable feature of Omniverse is its ability to integrate various tools and applications such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and Fusion 360, allowing users to use their favorite programs for design, animation or analysis, and then combine these elements in a single spatial environment. The Revit Connector plug-in allows models and data to be exported from Revit and then edited, visualized and simulated in Omniverse. The platform offers a wealth of visualization capabilities, allowing for more realistic and attractive designs and a better understanding of how objects work before they are built.

Remote collaboration and design process efficiency are a constant aspiration in today’s technological era. NVIDIA Omniverse meets these needs with a platform that amplifies creativity, saves time and improves teamwork.

openUSD – an innovative library for managing and sharing 3D content

A key element in the Omniverse ecosystem is the openUSD (Universal Scene Description) format.
openUSD acts as a binder that enables collaboration between different tools and applications, ensuring seamless data exchange and efficient work on 3D projects. With openUSD, developers and engineers can use a variety of specialized tools while maintaining design and data consistency.

NVIDIA Omniverse is an advanced and innovative solution that redefines the boundaries in 3D visualization, design and collaboration. It’s a tool that not only increases efficiency and precision, but also inspires groundbreaking new designs.

See the capabilities of the NVIDIA Omniverse
See what the future of design could look like with NVIDIA Omniverse

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