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NVIDIA Omniverse presentations at design firms

In July, our company had a unique opportunity to present the latest NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise solution to design companies across the country. A series of four meetings with BIPRORAF, BIPROHUT, MWM Architekci and Automationstechnik, proved to be an interesting opportunity for substantive presentations, discussions and exchange of ideas.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform that allows real-time collaboration between different environments for 3D creation, rendering and simulation. It is an innovative tool that can significantly improve the design process and visualization.

During the presentation, we focused on showing the wide range of capabilities of this platform. Design offices had the opportunity to learn how Omniverse can streamline the design process and the advantages of real-time visualization for better understanding and communication with clients.

We presented the main components, such as Nucleus, Create and View. Nucleus allows real-time data management and sharing, Create is a powerful tool for designing in a 3D environment, and View allows real-time review and team collaboration.

Another area we focused on was building a digital twin. We demonstrated how Omniverse can be used to create accurate versions of real objects and environments in the virtual world, which has applications in the architecture, design and engineering industries.

Omniverse also offers opportunities to use VR/XR (virtual reality and augmented reality) technology for concurrent work. We explained how this feature allows users to collaborate remotely in real time, which contributes to more efficient design processes.

We also focused on the topic of simulation and its example applications in the architecture and engineering industry. Omniverse enables realistic simulations, which are extremely useful in strength analysis, air flow studies or environmental simulations.

Thank you very much and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet and give a presentation on the new technology.

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