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Digital prototype – presentation and sale – Configurator 360

An issue as important as the design and creation of innovative products is the way they are presented to customers to obtain an order. Configurator 360.

Along with the dissemination of digital content and social media – customer requirements for presentation and communication are growing. Customers are constantly educating themselves, they have easy access to information provided in an accessible way and they expect the same from their suppliers. Flat documentation clearly defines the project, but from the client’s level, it is often not sufficient material. The client wants to see the system in action, possible accessories, and options – preferably as a 3D model.


The Autodesk portfolio of solutions includes the ideal tools for sharing a digital prototype between colleagues, teams, and customers, available on multiple platforms without installing any additional software. Depending on your needs, you can use A360, A360 Team, or Configurator 360.


Design and digital prototyping tools - such as Inventor Professional or Fusion 360 - enable an easy and smooth transition from design to presentation and dialogue with the customer, using the above solutions (e.g. direct export from Inventor Professional to A360 and Configurator 360 service).


A360 is an essential collaborative tool that makes it easy for engineers and designers to view, share, verify and find 2D and 3D schematic and design files in one central workspace. It allows you to visualize 3D projects, and show them split into subassemblies, and cross-section analysis.


Configurator 360 - is a platform that allows users to configure products online, with active visualization. It is an ideal tool for cooperation with a demanding customer - allowing him to create and analyze any number of available product configurations, without involving the supplier's sales team. The platform allows you to send inquiries to the supplier - containing the expected configuration. Model designs are prepared and shipped directly from Inventor Professional and use iLogic technology.

A360 and Configurator 360 – today’s advanced counterparts of offer catalogs – facilitate dialogue and communication with the customer, while increasing the quality of the offer and ensuring that it stands out from the competition.


  • Inventor Professional – digital prototyping of machines and devices.
  • Autodesk Configurator 360 – a platform for sharing configurable models.
  • A360 – Model sharing and design data exchange platform.