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Revit 2022

The latest version of Autodesk® Revit® includes improvements and new features that allow for easier data exchange between programs such as Inventor and FormIt, added the ability to export PDF format without an external wizard, improved filter operations as well as more sorting and filtering functions for parameters, and many other improvements suggested by users.

Share 2D views

Share any 2D views and Revit project sheets.

3D Sketch and ‘Send to Revit’ with FormIt

Transfer an element straight from the Revit environment to FormIt and then back to Revit with one click.

Link steel connections to profile sizes

Place steel connections using predefined application ranges.

Automatic shadowing in the juxtaposition of two-column panels

Simplifies electrical project setup and management.

Manufacturing Elements enhancement

The Manufacturing Elements tool is more flexible, allowing you to map solutions when converting parts.

Edit the profile for sloping walls

Modify the sketch envelope of sloping walls.

Enable task statements

Filter by task and update directly within statements

Improved RCP in realistic views

Create better renderings with new RCP enhancements, including physical materials, lighting and more.

Generative Design Improvements

Make informed design decisions faster with Generative Design.

Grids in 3D views

Work with grids in 3D views and reduce the number of additional views.

Import FormIt as a CAD format

Import FormIt models into Revit faster, preserving materials, layers, groups and levels.

Improved default color fill scheme

Better default color fill scheme with brighter pastel colors.

Improved parameter identification interface

Easily filter and identify the types and characteristics of parameters used in projects.

Load Rhinoceros (3DM) files

Load 3DM files into Revit and capture work started in Rhino.

Reuse of read tags

Increased productivity of work processes by TAGs of the connected model.

Load Autodesk families

Find the right families faster.

Model reinforcement using actual bar diameter

Model reinforcement using actual bar diameter to avoid collisions in concrete elements containing multiple large diameter bars.

Move reinforcement in a set

Move or remove bars individually in the set, or surfaces or paths of rebar while maintaining the system behavior of the set

Multi-category markup for all taggable categories

Create multi-category annotations for all taggable categories in Revit.

Indicate multiple values

Quickly identify changing parameter values.

Native 2D PDF Export

Revit’s native PDF exporter improves documentation performance.

New categories of equipment and building element families

New family categories support additional MEP equipment and building elements.

Phase parameters in view filters

Take advantage of the phase parameters in the view filters.

Keep explanations when removing parent views

Retain explanations when removing parent views

Two-point rebar placement

Place rebar with exact dimensions – aligned with any reference in the design – in just 2 clicks.

Save settings when placing rebar

The settings used when placing rebar are retained throughout the Revit session.

Enhancements to revision numbering flexibility

Create and customize multiple numbering sequences in revision statements.

Select a shape code for custom reinforcement of any curved shape

Manually assign desired shape codes to bars to comply with local manufacturing conventions.