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HP Proactive Insights provides monitoring, reporting, and insights to help IT reduce costs and make it easier to manage a fleet of devices while improving the employee experience.

Optimize your device strategy with predictive analytics and improve employee productivity. According to a recent Forrester survey, 55% of IT leaders responsible for device management consider the use of predictive analytics a high priority to assess device performance, health, and security. See how HP Proactive Insights uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to help you identify and solve problems before they occur.

Cloud-based analytics

HP TechPulse helps centralize device management on a single platform that provides unprecedented visibility into endpoint health. Cloud integration makes it easy to manage employee devices in and out of the office.

Proactively manage your devices with useful data

HP TechPulse’s proprietary analytics platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to deliver actionable device insights and business analytics. Using billions of data points, our deep learning processes help predict and solve problems before they occur, so you won’t be caught off guard.

Rely on incident notifications to help you manage

The HP TechPulse analytics dashboard displays equipment inventory and incidents, reports system status and provides proactive incident alerts.

Quickly anticipate, identify and solve problems

Take action before a problem occurs with insightful analysis that identifies a disk, battery, or entire system failure.

Integration with service platforms

The reports and analysis offer recommendations for corrective actions that can be implemented through ITSM via API integration if needed.

What HP Proactive Insights with HP TechPulse technology includes:

Monitoring and analytics of devices

  • Predictive analytics on inventory, incidents, and system status from various vendors and operating systems
  • Resource marking of last seen approximate device location
  • Monitoring to detect and track battery, hard drive, and operating system problems

Access and registration

  • Create custom roles and permissions
  • Configure specific tasks and permissions based on default roles
  • Get automatic enrollment and bulk deployment

Improve employees’ experience

  • Monitor employee satisfaction
  • Easy access to diagnostic tools, enabling end users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues

Consulting service provided by Service Expert and modern endpoint management

  • HP proactively provides insights and recommendations to optimize performance

Additional services

  • Expand your IT team with service experts who use predictive endpoint analysis to recommend remediation steps to improve your overall computing environment.

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