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HP DaaS (Device as a Service)

HP DaaS is a unique form of leasing HP computer equipment with added value compared to traditional forms of leasing. In addition to financing, the DaaS service provides advanced analytical and diagnostic tools for reporting on the condition of components. The purpose of the service is to relieve IT teams and manage all computer equipment in the company.


DaaS, thanks to the HP TechPulse tool, uses machine learning, preconfigured logic and contextual data. The service monitors analyze and report on the condition of components on an ongoing basis. Detailed reports on hardware, incidents, security, software and subscription validity can be obtained. The service is constantly being developed, millions of computers are connected to it all over the world and their number is constantly growing. Based on experience, HP TechPulse makes it possible to diagnose a defect before it occurs, which is a unique feature in relation to standard forms of financing. Thanks to this functionality, the user gains the opportunity to eliminate downtime in the company caused by the repair of the equipment.


The service covers not only HP hardware but also other manufacturers and other operating systems. It is possible to integrate devices such as laptops, desktops, workstations as well as smartphones and tablets. Compatible operating systems are:

Such high compatibility of the equipment enables efficient management of the entire IT solutions in the company.

A wide range of compatible devices also from other manufacturers, also with operating systems other than Windows

Technical support and immediate repairs or replacements

Useful diagnostic reports with HP TechPulse

You can plan your company's expenses based on the condition of your equipment

HP DaaS consists of three programs – Basic, Enhanced and Premium.

The scope of the overall operation of the service can be divided into two groups – MANAGEMENT and SECURITY, while the basic program already provides advanced management capabilities along with the HP TechPulse tool, such as:

It is worth mentioning that the base program also includes the next business day’s onsite service.

The enhanced and premium programs will focus on security. By choosing an extended or premium variant, HP provides support from a technician who is a DaaS customer caretaker. The tasks of an HP technician include, but are not limited to:

The premium program includes all the above functionalities and additionally:

The analytical capabilities of extended and premium programs allow you to significantly relieve the IT department in the company, allowing you to transfer funds to investments while maximizing the company’s profit.

HP DaaS raporty

See the HP DaaS leaflet 

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