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AutoCAD Plant 3D is a program in which you will create a piping design for industrial purposes. You can use ready-made specifications and catalogs, as well as unique 3D technology.

Are you in the manufacturing industry, or maybe your company is preparing to implement a new investment? Check out how to use AutoCAD Plant 3D features for this!

Key features to use in your projects

AutoCAD Plant 3D is a powerful tool with which you can create even very complex industrial plant schematics. However, you should first familiarize yourself with its basic functions.

Here are some of the opportunities that AutoCAD Plant 3D provides:

  • Here are some of the opportunities that AutoCAD Plant 3D provides:
    Fast 3D process modeling: AutoCAD Plant 3D users have access to extensive libraries of structural steel, standard symbols, and installation parameters, as well as industry catalogs. With these, you can significantly streamline and speed up your project work.
  • Create piping documentation: make and edit rectangular drawings, and generate isometric drawings of piping installations. The Plant 3D program, as the only one in the Autodesk portfolio, also gives you the ability to create documentation for ISO standards.
  • Data validation: thanks to the ability to check instrumentation and piping diagrams for data consistency according to specific rules, you can avoid costly errors already at the project implementation stage.
  • Collaboration across project teams: thanks to a common cloud-based environment, people from different locations can participate in model development while maintaining compliance requirements.
Explore all the features of AutoCAD Plant 3D!

What does AutoCAD Plant 3D have in common with AutoCAD?

What does AutoCAD Plant 3D have in common with the popular AutoCAD software? They share more than just a name – Plant 3D is part of a package that is sold with the basic AutoCAD software.

All the programs in the bundle use the same interface. So if you’ve dealt with other types of AutoCAD software before, learning to use AutoCAD Plant 3D will be easier for you.

Do you have to have AutoCAD to use AutoCAD Plant 3D?
AutoCAD Plant 3D works independently of AutoCAD. If you don’t intend to use AutoCAD software, you don’t even need to install it on your computer. However, you should note that AutoCAD Plant 3D is sold together with AutoCAD, in a set of specialized tools. You will also find functional solutions for architects, equipment and plant designers, and mechanics.

For starters – try AutoCAD Plant 3D trial version

As with the basic AutoCAD program, you don’t have to buy the full version of AutoCAD Plant 3D right away to discover the tool’s capabilities for yourself. Autodesk offers registered users a trial version, running for 30 days. In it, you will find the same features as in the full, paid version of the program. If you haven’t dealt with AutoCAD Plant 3D before, downloading the trial version is a good opportunity to see if it’s the solution for you.

The free version expires after 30 days. After that, you have the option to purchase the AutoCAD package, which includes AutoCAD Plant 3D, among other things. Payment is on a subscription basis – monthly, annual, or 3-year.

Get inspired! See how professionals in your industry are using AutoCAD Plant 3D

You already know what AutoCAD Plant 3D is used for, but you still find it hard to imagine its applications in practice. Here are some examples that will make it easier for you:

  • BiproRaf, a company that performs projects for the petrochemical, construction, and liquefied petroleum gas station sectors, decided to implement AutoCAD Plant 3D for its needs. This was dictated by its expansion plans and its desire to create projects in areas such as biogas plants, natural gas liquefaction plants, scrubber gas purification, and small power generation. BiproRaf chose AutoCAD Plant 3D for, among other things, its ability to create extensive documentation and its high functionality not only for design but also for infrastructure upgrades and expansions. Also important were the benefits for customers, to whom the company could present clear, understandable isometric drawings and plant projections.




  • The program’s capabilities can be used in many industrial sectors, such as the chemical industry. At the stage of investment planning, functions related to the creation of technological schemes are useful. Thanks to libraries and catalogs, you can quickly create three-dimensional models of piping systems, checking their correctness and compliance with the guidelines on an ongoing basis. AutoCAD Plant 3D is also invaluable when it comes to creating documentation of equipment and installations – its advantage is, above all, the ability to create isometric drawings and projections, which can be presented to the investor in a clear form. AutoCAD Plant 3D works with other Autodesk programs, including Autodesk Navisworks for project management and coordination.

If you learn, then with the best – learn AutoCAD Plant 3D with the support of experienced trainers

AutoCAD Plant 3D has a friendly interface and is intuitive to use. Does this mean that you will be able to create your model or develop documentation right away, without any prior preparation? No – you need some time to learn how to use the program.

You can find instructions, videos, and other materials on the Internet that can make the process easier for you. However, they are not always valuable – if you are not familiar with AutoCAD Plant 3D, you are not able to verify the information they contain.

At MAT Training Center, we give you access to up-to-date, verified knowledge. You don’t have to verify it yourself – we do it for you. See what we do to teach effectively.

Check out the video in which our expert teaches how to work in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Our teaching methods

What can you expect when you decide to take an AutoCAD Plant 3D course? Our training courses include:

  • dozens of hours of classes, consisting mainly of working directly in the program;
  • reducing presentations and lectures to a minimum – we save your time;
  • materials and teaching aids for each student;
  • access to the latest licensed versions of the software.

Guarantee of the highest level of education
Autodesk Authorized Training Center status is a document that few receive. The granting of this distinction by a software manufacturer means that training services are performed at a given center at a consistently high level. We are one of the few companies in Poland to have gone through the certification process and can now boast the status of Autodesk Authorized Training Center, which is a confirmation of the effectiveness of our training.

Trainer – expert an

Autodesk Plant 3D training is handled at our Training Center by Michał Mądrzak.
He is a specialist with several hundred successful implementations of this program in companies all over Poland. He combines his specialized education at the AGH University of Science and Technology with experience in design work gained at Koksoprojekt, a company involved in the construction of coking plants.

Online training is available now
To learn AutoCAD Plant 3D, you don’t have to wait for classroom training and commute to classes. To make it as easy as possible for trainees to gain knowledge, we have implemented online training. Classes are available in beginner and advanced versions.
Want to learn more? Check out the program, dates, and terms of participation here!