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3Dconnexion is the only company in the world to produce devices whose sole purpose is to improve the comfort, ergonomics, and productivity of designers and architects who create in 3D.

A research report by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute confirms not only the economic but above all the ergonomic advantages of working with 3D mousefrom 3Dconnexion.

The two-handed working style proposed by 3Dconnexion – with a 3D mouse in the left hand and a standard mouse in the right hand – relieves strain on the right hand, which protects against hand-bar injuries and forces an upright posture of the CAD designer while sitting.

3Dconnexion contest only for CADMAT 2022 attendees

Take part in the 3Dconnexion raffle and win a super SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2 or 3Dconnexion gadget sets!

Winners will be drawn at the end of the CADMAT 2022 conference, at the 3Dconnexion booth.

The prizes will be sent by courier to the address indicated by the winners.

Tools designed for designers and architects who create in 3D

3D SpaceMouse:

3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse product series enables intuitive and precise navigation of digital models and views. Thanks to its patented sensor with six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) technology, the 3D SpaceMouse offers the unique ability to pan, zoom and rotate models simultaneously, while traditionally using a standard mouse. Spreading tasks between two hands also greatly speeds up work and increases productivity.

SpaceMouse Enterprise:

SpaceMouse Enterprise is 3Dconnexion’s most advanced 3D mouse. It’s a full-size tool equipped with a comfortable palm rest that significantly improves ergonomics and comfort, and ensures high efficiency. The SpaceMouse Enterprise is equipped with 31 soft, comfortably positioned buttons that are fully customizable.

In addition to 12 function keys, whose preset functions are shown on the color display, it has, among other things, a full set of 8 keyboard modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc, Enter, Space, Delete, Tab) and quick view keys, including – available only on the SpaceMouse Enterprise model – custom view keys that allow you to quickly position the model in a pre-selected and saved position. The SpaceMouse Enterprise comes with a 4-year warranty: 3 years standard + 1 additional year after registering the product on the 3Dconnexion website.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterpries

SpaceMouse Pro & SpaceMouse Pro Wireless
SpaceMouse Pro is a full-size professional 3D mouse model from 3Dconnexion. It features a comfortable palm rest and 15 programmable keys: 4 function keys described on the digital display, 4 modifier keys, quick view keys and others. SpaceMouse Pro also comes in a wireless version: SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, which has a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 2 months of battery life and is sold in a package with a matching case. SpaceMouse Pro and SpaceMouse Pro Wireless come with a 3-year warranty.

SpaceMouse Pro SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

SpaceMouse Wireless
The SpaceMouse Wireless is a compact, wireless 3D mouse that is the ideal tool for frequent traveling engineers. It has 2 programmable buttons and a sturdy brushed steel base. The built-in rechargeable battery provides 1 month of operation between charges, and a matching carrying case protects the product during transport. The device has a 2-year warranty.


3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless

SpaceMouse Compact
SpaceMouse Compact is an entry-level model of a 3D mouse. The compact design takes up little space on your desk, and you can save your favorite application functions on the 2 programmable buttons. The device has a 2-year warranty.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Compact


CadMouse are the second product group in the 3Dconnexion portfolio. They are the world’s only mouses designed for designers and architects, with a center button dedicated to CAD functions. CadMouse feature a high-resolution optical sensor, a new high-precision scroll wheel with Smart Scroll technology, programmable buttons, and Teflon glides. The design and ergonomic shape of CadMouse ensure comfortable work and precise movements. CadMouse come in five models:


3Dconnexion Kits

3Dconnexion offers its products in attractive kits.
The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit 2 includes 3Dconnexion’s top-of-the-line mouse and CadMouse models: the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit and CadMouse Pro Wireless. The kit also includes a CadMouse Pad, a two-port hub, and a USB cable. This is the ultimate solution for the most demanding CAD professionals.

SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2 includes wireless models: SpaceMouse Wireless and CadMouse Compact Wireless. The kit comes with a CadMouse Pad Compact and two matching cases to protect the devices during transport. The kit is dedicated to mobile engineers, designers, and architects who frequently change their w

3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad – for CAD professionals, graphic designers, and creatives

The only one of its kind on the market: the 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad – dedicated to design, construction, and artistic tasks. Exactly like the other 3Dconnexion products: the CadMouse and 3D SpaceMouse, the 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro guarantees high ergonomics, comfort, and productivity. Additional function keys allow you to program your favorite application commands – the assigned functions are visible on the monitor screen.

A separate numeric keypad provides maximum comfort. The keyboard’s built-in receiver allows you to securely connect the 3Dconnexion Numpad numeric keypad and five additional 3Dconnexion wireless devices.

CADMAT 2022 – 3Dconnexion free trial program

3Dconnexion has been offering free trials of its products for years. The program continues still under the same rules:

– the tests are free and without obligation

– all you have to do is create a 3Dconnexion account or log in to the 3Dconnexion system and fill out 

– professional 3D mouse models (SpaceMouse Enterprise or SpaceMouse Pro) or a kit (SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit 2) are sent for testing

– duration of testing: 2 weeks

– after completion of the tests, the products should be sent back to the 3Dconnexion office in Wroclaw.



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