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Revit 2024

Straight from the factory, Revit 2024 is being rolled out worldwide! In this version, we have combined anticipated additions, such as landscape tools for landscape designers, with community-requested enhancements, like a dark theme and a more modern user interface.

Here are three of the most exciting new features that we are particularly thrilled about:

Introducing Terrain Tools for Revit and Revit LT

This new set of tools supports the detailed design and documentation of complex landscapes. You can use the Terrain Tools to:

  • Gather and streamline existing site condition data from CAD imports, CSV point files, and more.
  • Effortlessly and easily model design compositions with versatile tools for terrain and massing modeling.
  • Fill schedules, sheets, and views, as well as calculate material quantities. Cut, fill, merge, and run phasing scenarios. Take advantage of the project and documentation conversion capabilities of Revit 2024 to save time and improve design quality while modeling landscapes and site conditions.

Save time on concrete detailing

Construction professionals and rebar specialists now have new capabilities for creating, planning, and documenting rebar. Use the new rebar bending details to:

  • Create reinforcement drawings and schedules with accurate fabrication instructions. With this new tool in Revit 2024, as the model changes, the details adapt accordingly.
  • Add and adjust rebar bending details to match your practice, ensuring your views and sheets align with your standards.
  • Reduce errors and omissions in your document sets.

Enhance collaboration

Linking the coordination model with Autodesk Docs to Revit facilitates synchronization and coordination of project deliverables for design teams. Ensure project files are clear and teams are on the same page.

  • Link models and views from over 60 formats supported by Docs and Autodesk Construction Cloud directly in Revit.
  • Reference the coordination model as a visual backdrop during design in Revit.
  • Reduce the need for interpretation when coordinating current project deliverables with partners and design teams.

New features and enhancements


Design productivity
My Insights in Revit home
Dark theme
New sample model and project templates
Modernized Project Browser with new search
Color Books browser
Textures visual style
Revit to Twinmotion enhancements
Site design - Toposolids
Site design - Toposolid Properties
Site design – Solid Subdivisions
Site design – Cut and Split Toposolids
Site design – Graded Regions
Site Design – Show shape-edit control points
Site Design – Additional functionality
New path alignment options for free form rebar
Stirrup orientation for aligned free form rebar
MEP fabrication ductwork stiffener
Elevation parameters in visibility filters
Pipe Wall thickness as a built-in parameter
Hide insulation with hosting duct and pipe
Height parameter in scope box
Parameters sorting in type/instance properties
Export ‘Family type’ parameter
Simulation & analysis:
Solar Study enhancements
Generate energy model by view
Enhanced structural analytical loads
Structural area loads with color coding
Custom physical-analytical association
Detailed results for connection automation rules
Flow and pressure drop calculations
Network based calculations for design ductwork
Demand loads for electrical analytical components
Non-coincident loads for electrical analytical components
Cloud data & interoperability
Link coordination models from Autodesk Docs
Properties of coordination model objects
Point snaps for coordination model objects
Manage links dialog for coordination models
Collaboration cache relocation for cloud models
Link and Import PDF in Revit LT
Revit to Robot Link enhancements
Design optimization
Dynamo for Revit 2.17 upgrade
Dynamo Player & Generative Design updates
Revit additional resizable dialogs
Improved steel connections SDK documentation
Revit Macro security enhancements
API enhancements for developers
Documentation efficiency
Place multiple views and schedules on a sheet
Move Aligned to Sheet enhancements
Open sheet directly from drawing area
Schedule revision clouds
Align patterns on shape-edited surfaces
Bar bending details on reinforcement drawings
Bar bending details in rebar schedules
2D element draw order in 3D families
Resize all schedule rows