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Designing factories, optimizing production lines

With Autodesk Digital Prototyping software, we can not only design our new factory or remodel an existing one, but also ensure its maximum efficiency with layout optimization and material flow analysis tools. By creating a digital factory model already at the design stage, conscious choices can be made before equipment and machines are installed and put into operation.

The main advantages of creating a digital factory prototype are:

  • reduction of change orders,
  • minimizing delays and lost market opportunities,
  • faster introduction of goods to the market,
  • avoiding cost overruns related to the introduced modifications to the layouts.

If we are not able to recreate the existing hall by, for example, scanning it, we can redesign it quickly with  AutoCAD Architecture.

This software combines the functions of AutoCAD extended with the functions of parametric creation of building elements with tools for creating advanced documentation.

In the process of designing factories and their layouts, we can use the Factory Design module included in the Autodesk Inventor Professional software. Thanks to it, we will design and analyze the technological line and product circulation in terms of efficiency.

By creating a three-dimensional layout of a technological line, we can design models of machines, and devices or use the existing library of three-dimensional parametric resources for industrial infrastructure.

Thanks to the cloud service, the user has the opportunity to use the resources stored there, either ready or in connection with the manufacturer.

Designing factories, the layout of machines and devices in the hall, should start with the analysis of the material flow between individual stations, thus checking the efficiency and possible optimization thereof. Based on the flow, distance, frequency, cost and parameters of individual machines, the program will ensure better throughput of the designed or modified production line.

The digital model of the production plant will be presented with realistic renderings and visualizations along with the exploration of the production plant via a virtual walk or flight. Autodesk Navisworks Simulate software will be used for this purpose. Only it can import and review projects that have been created in various design departments (architecture, engineering, construction and piping).

Use Autodesk Navisworks Manage software if you need to analyze space constraints and collisions with equipment.


Factory Design – Below is a list of software that can assist with this process.