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Inventor 2023

In the latest release of Inventor®, Autodesk® has responded to user suggestions with new features and updates to streamline workflow and save time. A number of enhancements have been created to create even better products.

  • Access processes in Fusion 360, use generative design, simulation and electronics.
  • Securely share data between Revit and Inventor, taking advantage of collaboration between BIM and MCAD tools.
  • Take advantage of the new markup command, sheet metal design updates and dimensional tolerance support.
  • Improve documentation with updates to view creation, model-based definition and 3D descriptions.
  • Gain greater efficiency and productivity even for large and complex projects.

inventor 2023 revit

Share data between Revit and Inventor

Share data between Revit building design software and Inventor with an improved approach to seamless collaboration between BIM and MCAD tools.

inventor 2023 fusion

Operational compatibility with Fusion 360

Get quick access to the Fusion 360 workspace for selected commands. Use generative design, simulation, or electronics processes.

inventor 2023 znaczniki

Part modeling enhancements

Use the new marker command, create laser marking, etching or engraving in 2D and 3D environments.Streamline design preparation with improved tolerances and parameters.

inventor 2023 ray tracing

Guiding ray tracking using the GPU

Take advantage of a new display option using hardware guiding ray tracing support in the latest graphics cards, get higher performance and quality using the GPU.

inventor 2023 dokumentacja

Improve documentation

Create more precise descriptions with the partial reference command on irregular surfaces and the addition of properties in 3D descriptions.

inventor 2023 modelowanie

Modeling assemblies

Gain more control over the assembly of components with a new option that allows you to control the visibility of zero quantity and the creation of component number sequences. You can hide disabled components and automatically number sequence items.