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Big projects require enormous computing power. A workstation is more than just a computer. High-clock speed multi-core processors, professional graphics cards, fast disks and large RAM capacity offer maximum performance increasing productivity and shortening the time of task completion in the work of each designer.

HP workstations have been designed for the most demanding users, guaranteeing high durability, failure-free operation and easy expansion if necessary. Additional memory expansion, installation of additional disks or replacement of the graphics card is possible at every stage of the product’s life.

Apart from a strong unit, let’s not forget about a properly selected monitor. After all, it is the first tool we use to see our project and before which we spend many hours every day during work or entertainment. A correctly selected monitor will protect your eyes. So take care of your health and choose the best solution consciously!

A large working area means more space for your projects, high resolution ensures sharp and clear lines, and correct color reproduction guarantees color compliance. You will find it all in the Z-series monitors from HP.

Workstation HP Z4 G4

High-performance workstation. The perfect design solution.

The Z4 is ahead of its time with additional standard features that no other single-processor workstation has. Thanks to the many configuration options, you can choose the perfect combination of components to meet any performance requirement.

Workstation HP Z6 G4

Time-resistant machine. Perfect for video effects and rendering.

It has a wide range of configurations, from one or two CPUs to multiple graphics cards. It is equipped with high-power processors, professional graphics cards and 384 GB of memory.

Workstation HP Z8 G4

The world’s most powerful desktop workstation.

It offers the possibility of 3D simulation and 8K video editing in real-time. Modern housing provides tool-free access to a clean, modular interior. Vents and ducts are strategically placed in the system to facilitate airflow for quiet operation.