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AutoCAD 2023

Create design cycles using the automation and collaboration tools found only in AutoCAD

Another new version of one of the most popular CAD design software.

Specialized toolkits and automation functions

  • Accelerate your workflow with industry tools and libraries for architectural and mechanical design, mapping, and more.
  • Increase productivity with new features that save time and make commenting on drawings easier.

AutoCAD web and mobile applications

  • View and edit drawings in a web browser on any computer, at home or in the office, without the need to install any software.
  • Viewing, Editing and creating drawings on the go or in the field on your mobile device

Reasons to subscribe

  • Drafting and designing with the latest features in updates intended only for subscribers
  • Access to specialized toolkits
  • Fieldwork in web and mobile applications

AutoCAD 2023 Capabilities:

  • Take AutoCAD with you: An AutoCAD subscription includes the AutoCAD web app and the AutoCAD mobile app, so you can always access your CAD drawings – even in the field, at home or in your customer’s office.
  • AutoCAD web app: Access the latest drawings anywhere without having to install AutoCAD on your computer. View, edit, create and share CAD drawings using a simplified user interface in a web browser. Connecting to Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, and other cloud storage platforms. Log in with your Autodesk ID at
  • Collaborate with ease: contact faster and make changes on the fly using the AutoCAD web and mobile app. Share a controlled copy of your drawing with team members and securely review and tag your colleagues’ CAD drawings right in AutoCAD.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity: access your drawings wherever you are. View, edit and save DWG files stored in the cloud directly in AutoCAD. Use of files saved in the Autodesk cloud, as well as with the leading cloud storage providers: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.


  • The right tools to speed up your work: access to industry-specific features that help you increase efficiency on an unprecedented scale. In a recent study, for tasks performed with a specialized toolkit in AutoCAD, the average productivity gain was 63%.
  • Access to a library of over 750,000 symbols, parts and detail components.
  • Automation of creating descriptions, layers and properties.
  • Easily create details and views from 3D models and easily generate schedules, lists and tables.
  • Architecture Toolkit: Accelerate the creation of architectural drawings and documentation with more than 8,500 intelligent architectural objects. Automate the creation of floor plans, sections, elevations, and more.
  • Mechanical Toolkit: Accelerate product design with features with mechanical components and over 700,000 intelligent manufacturing parts and symbols. Simplified layer management, parts list generation, and BOM creation.


  • The Electrical Toolkit: Increase your productivity when documenting electrical control systems with over 65,000 intelligent electrical symbols. Design of panel layouts and electrical diagrams. Assured compliance with AS, GB, IEC, IEC-60617, JIC, JIS, NFPA and IEEE standards.
  • MEP Toolkit: Efficiently plot and design building installations and create documentation with more than 10,500 intelligent mechanical, electrical and plumbing objects. Easily design duct, wiring and circuitry for building installations.
  • Plant 3D Toolkit: Efficiently create piping and instrumentation diagrams and integrate them into the 3D model of your plant using specialized process design and engineering features. Quickly create plant layouts, wiring diagrams, and more.
  • Map 3D toolkit: efficient planning and design concerning GIS and CAD data. Manage spatial data with standard data schemas, automated business processes, and report templates.
  • Raster Design Toolkit: Convert raster images to DWG ™ objects with raster to vector conversion tools. Easily edit and clean up raster images as they are converted to vector drawings in the familiar AutoCAD environment.

New features and improvements in AutoCAD 2023

  • Markup Import and Markup Assistant: Automatically import comments and make changes to drawings as you collaborate with team members and reviewers, thus reducing additional drawing activities.
  • My Info: My Info is an easy-to-follow guide with valuable tips and new features to help you work faster when and in the right context.
  • AutoCAD web app APIs: Automate in-process activities using the AutoCAD LISP Editor API in the AutoCAD web app available to AutoCAD subscribers only
  • Sheet Set Manager: The sheet set manager now allows you to open them even faster. Using the Autodesk cloud platform, transferring and opening sheet sets between team members is faster and more secure.
  • Share: Send controlled copies of your drawings to your team and colleagues, giving people who only need to view them and those who need to edit them properly accessible. Reduce design time by sharing drawings with AutoCAD
  • Count: This feature allows you to automate the counting of blocks or objects from a selected area or from the entire drawing using a menu that includes identifying errors and navigating the counted objects.
  • Trace: Add notes and tags for design changes without modifying an existing drawing from the AutoCAD desktop software and web and mobile applications.


  • Move to Autodesk Docs: Increase productivity and reduce drawing effort by migrating CAD drawing sheets as PDFs from AutoCAD to Autodesk Docs. Plus, access DWG files in Autodesk Docs from anywhere with the AutoCAD web app.
  • Floating windows: View and edit two drawings simultaneously in fully functional side-by-side or multi-monitor windows. There is no need to open another instance of AutoCAD.
  • Redesigned Home tab: AutoCAD’s new Home tab makes it easy to access files and other useful content from one place.
  • Graphics: Graphics have been updated in AutoCAD 2023 so you can render 3D objects up to 10 times faster than before with the visual styles of shading, shading with edges, and wireframe.
  • Personalized Installation: Reduce software setup time through faster and personalized installation. The ability to work in AutoCAD even during installation.
  • Protect your designs with TrustedDWG technology: Take care of the integrity of design data throughout the review process by using TrustedDWG® technology. The TrustedDWG technology on which AutoCAD is based in the original, most effective and accurate way to store and share design data.